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Debug include file


does anyone know how to view included files while debugging inside Qlik Sense?

I can step inside an included file, and

i can see each line as it is being executed.

however, it would be useful to be able

- to see the full include file

- to be able to set a breakpoint in the include file

thanks a lot for your guidance.

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Re: Debug include file

Within qlikview there appeared a further tab on the top of the debugger-window but in sense I don't know it:

- Marcus

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Re: Debug include file


You can "step into" the include file, but you cannot set a breakpoint before the execution.

You can set in on the "include" line and move in... Once the include file is open during the debug mode, you can set up a breakpoint there...

Please note that there is a bug in 2.2.4 that affects the include files debugging: if you change the include file externally and re-execute the script (without re-opening the app), the updated lines in the include file will be executed correctly, but the debugger window will not show your changes....

Support has confirmed it as a bug.



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Re: Debug include file

Hi Vlad and Marcus, thanks a lot for your answers.

the issue that i am facing is in Qlik Sense only.

here is a screenshot to illustrate that:

- the top part that should show all the code and let me set breakpoints is blank

- I only see the 1 line of the include file that is being executed in the bottom


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Re: Debug include file


It might be some issues with your browser (just a guess) since it's not a normal behaviour. Here is a screenshot from my system:

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.56.13 AM.png

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Re: Debug include file

Thanks Vlad,

unfortunately it doesn't appear to be a browser issue.

I get the same behaviour using

- Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m

- Firefox

- Internet Explorer 11