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Designing Qlik View usually take how Long ?

To all developer of QV

can you share with me your experience on design the of QV , usually take how many month for the whle project ?

May I know what is the market rate for project design ? I mean using for 10 sheet design , each sheet will charge how much ?

HHope some one can point to me the link where I can get some information.

AS i as I know it is very subjective .


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Re: Designing Qlik View usually take how Long ?


Based on my own experience... it depends. I explain it... First of all you should create a very robust asociative model that will serve as a base for all the design objects you want or need to create. This model will allow to to fast create all the future objects but not forgetting about the performance. In a common project this part shoult take the 30% of the time (with a medium complexity sources of information). Designing would take a 50% of the time, and the spare 20% for testing, documents, etc.

In my case, I spend much time with script as I want to assure that the asociative model is easy, robust and scalable. If you get this, as I said, you can develop faster the interface using less complex expresions and navigation modes...

Anyway with this topic too many books could be written!


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Re: Designing Qlik View usually take how Long ?


Many thank you for your sharing.  I am strongly agree with you that to have a very good data model which take care of the field name and link all the table which is required and bring in all the field that require in future .

So that is one of the reasons that user who already learn to Qlik View script , very un-likely to other DV software , which i think for this Qlik View have a advantages.

As there are so many helpful people in this forum who are so willing to share their knowledge.

In fact now i am learning how to develop good data model ,from your blog post at below :-

respectively for each loop: Loops in the Script

And thank you for help me with the script to kick start on below link , which i already tested working fine , now i can reduce a lot of Tab by make use of loop to load multiple raw data just using one script :-

May i know how to make use of Loop command and load 100 raw data set ?


Now i get stuck on  to handle the recode using Apply Mapping with condition . Hope you can take a look of the below link and give me your suggestion.

My AppMap recode with condition not return correct value.

Paul  Yeo