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Different Language for Auto-Calender fields

Hi Qlik Community,

when I load data into Sense using the Data Manager, it automatically creates Date fields. The fieldnames are in Englisch. Is there any way i can switch them to German?

If i override the field names using the Data Editor and resync the script in Data Manager, it creates the same fields again in English, and the script will not load :-(

I would be glad for any advice!



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Re: Different Language for Auto-Calender fields


Change the last four lines of the Main script section to this:

SET MonthNames='Jan;Feb;Mär;Apr;Mai;Jun;Jul;Aug;Sep;Okt;Nov;Dez';

SET LongMonthNames='Januar;Februar;März;April;Mai;Juni;Juli;August;September;Oktober;November;Dezember';

SET DayNames='Mo;Di;Mi;Do;Fr;Sa;So';

SET LongDayNames='Montag;Dienstag;Mittwoch;Donnerstag;Freitag;Samstag;Sonntag';

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Re: Different Language for Auto-Calender fields

My requirement is to change the field names, not the content of the fields

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Re: Different Language for Auto-Calender fields

You could try it with an afterwards renaming with a mapping like here described: How to Rename Fields

- Marcus

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