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Dimension limitation with expression

Hi everybody

I have a table with a dimension (SECTORS) and 2 measures ( CIB_CATTC & CATTC_REEL)

i want to select the sectors with CATTC_REEL< CIB_CATTC and be able to display only these sectors

So i tried to use the dimension limitation as shown


don't work :-(

anybody have an idea ?



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Re: Dimension limitation with expression

Hi Philippe,

Please use the below expression  in your measure



and in addons please disable the show zero values.

Many Thanks


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Re: Dimension limitation with expression

Hi Karthik ,

great trick !

obviously i added sum( ...) , and it's working !

i thank's you for that

the disadvantage is when i have 10 more measures with aggr expression for example, i have to apply the trick for all ... rather complicated

Anyway ... if there's no alternative with the dimension limitation or other fonctionality , i take your trick !

best regards


Re: Dimension limitation with expression

You can do this calculation in the load script if you have many calculations on the script part you can handle it properly and it is optimized way as well.

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