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Display Qlik Sense without IFrame


I'm new to Qlik and having a difficult time finding how to present Qlik to the user without using iframes (due to a memory leak problem in IE11). We are integrating Qlik Sense in an existing AngularJS SPA.

I tried to implement a Capability API solution on the client side but eventually failed because of conflicts between the two AngularJS versions - our own product's version of Angular and the version used by Qlik Sense.

Can you please advise what are the alternatives to using iframes regarding Qlik sense + provide any relevant links to accomplish this. The client is not on the same machine as the server and the domain is different.

Or if using iframes is the only way, is it possible to create a custom menu to navigate between the different Qlik Sense sheets. Do we need to create a mashup on the Qlik Sense server side to  accomplish this?



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