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Display full range of timestamp dimension in QlikSense


I've got what should be a common use case but I'm having trouble finding a way to do it.

I've got cpu data measured every minute over a few months, with the timestamp of the measurement recorded. I want to plot the data against this timestamp as the dimension, limiting to a user-defined range, such as a single day.

The stock QlikSense bar chart plots each individual measurement as a bar, giving a slider to traverse the while range. There doesn't seem to be a simple way to restrict the timestamp range on the x-axis unless I'm missing something. I've narrowed the cpu measures to a single day by using a set expression, which is a bit of a convoluted way to do things. This works, but I still get a slider as the chart plots each individual measurement (attached pic).

How do I then set the range of the x-axis to be the same day (or week, or month) and have the measures correctly binned across this range in a defined number of display bars? Maybe another chart extension is required...?

Many thanks,


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