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Division with SUBTRACT inside

Hello everyone,

i have a simple division to do, i need

X / Y


X = ( Expression A - Expression B )

Y = (Expression C + Expression D + Expression E)

please help

thanks in advance

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Re: Division with SUBTRACT inside

Would simply doing this suffice :

     ( Expression A - Expression B ) / (Expression C + Expression D + Expression E)

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Re: Division with SUBTRACT inside

i figured that in the beginning but it didn't work.

it gave me a wrong number.

( Expression A - Expression B) = 95,507,436

(Expression C + Expression D + Expression E) = 5,995,249

the division must be = 0.062

but it gives me 95,507,434

i'm not sure why..

Re: Division with SUBTRACT inside

That is strange.... could you share the full expression that gives you the 95,507,434 figure plus any other expressions it relies on.

One thing I notice is that  95,507,436 / 5,995,249 will be greater than 1, whereas you want 0.062 which is less than 1 and could well be the result of 5,995,249 /  95,507,436.  I.e. things may be upside down.

Quite how you end up with 95,507,434 is a mystery to me.  If you post a sample qvf with sample data that would be great.

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