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Contributor II
Contributor II

DocumentName() provide SessionApp_ Id


i have a problem with the DocumentName() result saved to a variable. It should save the App Id and if i log it with Trace i does, but when i save the variable to a table or use it in a REST-Query, the value always appear as SessionApp_<SessionID>.

I followed the guide of How to access QRS (Repository) from Load Script. The reason i need to do this, is that i need the custom properties (maybe some additional data) for each app, which can contain the same name.

In addition i did some testing for the problem and find:

  • First try to declare the variable like the code below:
    Table tmp will contain SessionApp_<SessionId>

  • Second try:
    I reload the script. Still SessionApp_<SessionId> in table tmp.

  • Third try:
    I delete "LET vAppId = DocumentName()" and reload the script. Now table tmp will contain the App Id.


Code Snippet:

LET vAppId = DocumentName();
    Load * Inline [




Your see, the problem is that DocumentName() should be in a script which will be included. That means the AppId shall be determined automatically. Does anyone has a solution for this issue or know why this is happening?



I attached a picture to show the results.