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Does a data reload task cause the App to update?


I've got a question as my tests have proven inconclusive.

I am using QS Server 3.1 SR2 and have published App sheets embedded in iFrames in my web application, using the Single Configurator URLs generated by the Dev Hub. The data is reloaded every minute for the published App using a standard reload task.

I want it so that some Apps, when viewed in my application, refresh on completion of each data load task. For others, they should be static unless the user refreshes the browser page or navigates away and back again. Trouble is, some sheets refresh every minute, some stay static, with no difference between the URL calls except the sheet ID. I can't seem to find a pattern or explanation online.

Does anyone know the official party line on this? Should the data reload cause the App to change when using Single Configurator URLs for either a chart or whole sheet? Or is it possible to switch the refresh on & off?

Thanks for any info or comments.


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