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Does any one know when Table in QS able to have alternative in dimension ?

Hi All

Does any one have above info ?

As chart recently already add alternative , which help a lot. and i hope in future table have add this feature , it will be able to save me a lot duplicate sheet.


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Re: Does any one know when Table in QS able to have alternative in dimension ?

Hi Paul

Do you mean you want to change the parameter/dimension of the table? if so you may be looking for a cyclic group, these are a built in feature of QlikView but not Qlik Sense. It is possible to create the effect with inline tables and buttons but it is clunky and can slow down performance.

This is how I have done it before

Create an inline table in the script

Load * inline
Selector, Name

This will create two new fields 'Selector' and 'Name'

Create a master item dimension with the fields being the dimension you want the user to be able to select

if(Selector='a',[Field A],
if(Selector='b',[Field B],
if(Selector='c',[Field C],
if(Selector='d',[Field D],
if(Selector='e',[Field E],
if(Selector='f',[Field F],
if(Selector='g',[Field G])))))))

Use that master item dimension as a dimension in your chart and create a filter pane with the field 'Name' from the inline table.

Selecting a name in the filter pane will make the chart change, as there is no way to limit the selection to just one it is also wise to add a calculation condition on the chart.Calulation condition can be found under Add-ons > Data handling, I use getselectedcount(Name)=1


There is a longer discussion on it here - Can we change the dimension of a bar chart with a parameter in qlik sense?

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