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Drill dwon on the values in Pivot table in Qliksense

Hi Everyone,

I want to drill down along with navigating to a different sheet on the values in the pivot table like in excel.

For example, considering below sample orders data, when I click on the '120' in the below table I want to see all the related data for that '120' in table object.


Please someone provide a solution to achieve this.


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Re: Drill dwon on the values in Pivot table in Qliksense

Hi Praveena,

such behaviour of excel in Sense doesn't exist.

The link below gives you some example of pivot tables in Sense


The items with '+' sign can show the detail info, but when you want to show Excel like details, you can add a simple table object next to pivot with the desired columns, this case the pivot serves as filter. I think this is not the desired scenario.