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Creator II
Creator II

Dynamic Dim Selection in Date Picker

Hi All,

I hope you all are doing good.

I am using the Date Picker from dashboard 

I make sure the  Date Format at system level is correct and all the date fields are properly formatted in 

SET DateFormat='YYYY-MM-DD';

Also - Tagged all those as below.

TAG FIELDs Field1, Field2,  Field3  WITH '$date';

When I choose individual field in the Date Picker it works well. 

But When I want only 1 Date Picker Object and based on Selection of the field in Filter pane I want to generate the Date Picker for that Selected Dim - So I use following: 


$(=FirstSortedValue('[' & %DatePicker.Date & ']',[%DatePicker.Position],1))

Folowing Fileds are from Data Island table and they just hold the relevent Dims for Date Pick Selection and there respective Indexes for FirstSortedValue Function .


DatePicker.Date          DatePicker.Position

Field1                               1

Field2                              2 

 Field3                          3



Can you please help?