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Creator II
Creator II

End to End Qlikview development

Can someone please explain me what are all the steps that are involved in end to end Qlikview development with the supporting document like BRD, Requirement Gathering, Designing Dashboard, Publishing and etc..


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Are you preparing for an interview or exam?

May I suggest that you sign up for some Qlik training and start learning the product. Optionally you might be able to find Qlik related books for self paced studies. 


Creator II
Creator II

Thanks for your time!

I am preparing for an interview. I have experience in Qlik Products but just wanted to brush up my knowledge, so some documents on end to end qlikview development will help me to prepare. 

The one which you have shared if for training on different areas. I need something through which I can brush up my knowledge. 



You are essentially asking for a written run down of a complete end-to-end deployment, perhaps a bit optimistic. 🙂

My suggestion is that you start studying the product if you want to learn and understand.
Have you considered buying a QlikView book or look for videos on YouTube?

I think you will be more successful in community by defining a specific area for your question.
Creator II
Creator II

Yes it is optimistic if I am expecting someone to write it down for me Smiley Happy . I am just asking someone who already have relevent documents for my reference. I know about end to end of qlikview development but I just wanted to to refer some documents for brushing up my knowledge. So if somebody already have this and if they share the source then it is good for me else no issues I can manage it. 

Thanks a lot for your response.