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Error message

Hello everybody,

I was trying to load a script that used to work, but I don't know if it's something I've done, because all of a sudden it doesn't load the whole script. Does anyone know what this error message means?



Betty Habtemariam

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Re: Error message

plz chk with ur data it simply sayng u hve duplicate names in the script....kindly rename or comment that field to avoid this error.

hope this helps u




Re: Error message

Would you be able to share the script for your table Foljande fel intraffade?

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Re: Error message

I tried finding the duplicate name, but didn't. The funny thing is that I redid the script, which actually looked exactly like the one complaining and then it suddenly worked... Strange.

Thank you guys for answering!


Betty Habtemariam

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Re: Error message

Hi Betty,

You must have two fields in the table with the same name:

Like this:

load FirstName as name,

       Lastname as name.........

Here there are two fields with the same name :

So just rename the fields to be unique like this:

load FirstName as Fname,

       Lastname as Lname.........

This should solve your issue.