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Error of URL on straight table Qlik sense June 2018

After upgraded to Qlik sense June 2018, I got an error related to URL on dimension of straight table:

Before, I defined a dimension (Representation is URL), value is:

='https://bi.XXX.vn/single/?appid=YYYYY&sheet=ZZZZ&select=clearall&select=AccountID,' & AccountID

it worked well in previous version (April 2018), click on the url (https://bi.XXX.vn/single/?appid=YYYYY&sheet=ZZZZ&select=clearall&select=AccountID,ABCDEF) , new tab would be opened with selection based on AccountID.

After upgraded to Jun 2018, the link is converted a little diffrently:


, character is converted to %2C of html link, then the selection is not applied.

How can I fix it?