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Export Sheet to PDF - missing filters

Hi, in using Qlik Sense, when I  try to export a full sheet to PDF, it works ok (albeit I have to mess around with the sizing), however the details on the filters are not transferred, which is crucial in understanding the details shown.

Is there something I am missing, or have set wrongly?

Rather that picture1 as I'd like, I only get picture2:




2 Replies

Hi ! Maybe today you already got a solution, but here is a easy one: you can place text boxes or KPIs to show the values of each filter pane.

If there is only one value selected in a panel, you can display it directly.

If there are several values selected, you can show the first and last value, i.e.:

     'From ' & Min (Fiscal_Year) & '  to ' & Max (Fiscal_Year).

Of course, this is not too exact if you deselected some value between extremes.

Also you can count the selected values in another KPI to show it as context.




Thank you for this suggestion - I'd not thought of that.........