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Export pivot table data from "View Data" visualization

Hi Guys,

i'm using qlik sense june 2018 server and i have a question about exports.

In a pivot table i expand all the dimension and the i click on "view data" option:

2018-08-22 09_18_23-_Helpdesk Management - Case Details _ App overview - Qlik Sense.png

And qliksense shows a straight table with all dimensions and comuns expanded. Perfect, nice!

2018-08-22 09_18_59-_Helpdesk Management - Case Details _ App overview - Qlik Sense.png

But if i export data from this straight visualization, the output is exatly the export of the pivot table and not the straight table

2018-08-22 09_19_16-Case Details 9031 Cases(d874d044-0aaa-42af-ba19-e0ec3ee26ab6).xlsx - Excel.png

Is possible to export the straight table visualization of the pivot without using extensions ?

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I have exactly the same problem. Did you solve this or found any workaround?

Thank you.