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Expression Building

Is there any kind of documentation for building expressions.  The builder itself is very limited. 

For example I want to add a count that is based on the value in a field.  I see an example of this in one of the canned applications.  But I can't figure out what it is actually doing.  I tried to replace the fields in it with mine but it doesn't work.

Here is the expression I am trying to get to work.  I want a count of Numbers where the status is not equal to 4.

Count( {$<CASESSTATUS -={'4'} >} Distinct %NUMBER)

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Re: Expression Building

all CASESSTATUS except 4

Count( {$<CASESSTATUS =-{4} >} Distinct %NUMBER)

all CASESSTATUS of the selection except 4

Count( {$<CASESSTATUS -={4} >} Distinct %NUMBER)

you can find some help

- in Qlik online help looking for set analysis

- in the attachment

- tools qlikblog at      (add dots)

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