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Expression for YTD sales in Qlik sense


Can somebody help me with a set analysis expression for YTD sales in Qlik Sense.. If I select month march it should be sum of Jan, Feb and March.

I am using this expression  =sum({$ < Version = {"Actual 2016"},Month = {">= {'1'} <=$(=max(Month))"}>}SumOfBudget_Amount)

if I am not selecting anything it is giving YTD .. if I am selecting March it is giving only March month amount not the accumulated ones..

Can somebody advise please.. This is for a qlik sense app..



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Re: Expression for YTD sales in Qlik sense

May be this:

=Sum({$<Version = {"Actual 2016"}, Month = {">=1<=$(=Max(Month))"}>} SumOfBudget_Amount)

Where I am assuming that Month is 1,2,3,4,5 and NOT Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May

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Re: Expression for YTD sales in Qlik sense

Hi Sunny,

Yeah month is 1,2,3,4 etc I have tested the above expression it is still doing the same thing i.e it is showing the selected month's amount not accumulating . to accumulate I need to select all the months. I don't know may the expression works in Qlik view but it is not doing the same in Qlik sense..

Thanks for the response..