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Expression to compare target and measure (dimensions not connected)


I am trying to create an expression that calculates a measure depending on criteria defined by the target. The goal is a table that shows all the targets with its measures to check if there are any violations.

The data model consists of two tables connected with an ID and the date as the key. Both tables use the same dimensions and codes, but those fields cannot be connected (because of a consequential multiplication of the data).

Here a simplified example of the problem:

Qlik Community1.png












The following formula works fine, if an ID is selected:

sum(if($(='['&$(vField)&']')= CODE, MEASURE))

vField = FIELD

Qlik Community2.png




However, the goal is to show all the IDs in the same table without a selection (therefore, set analysis is not an option).

How does the formula need to be changed to achieve this?

Thank you very much for your help.


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