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Expressions with Conditions

I am creating a simple pie chart for gender. The data set has these possible values for Gender

-FEMALE, Female, MALE, Male, rbtFemale and rbtMale

I want to create the chart where I group the Female, FEMALE and rbtFemale into a expression as Female and the same for Male.


So I think my expression would be something similar to =Count(If(Gender ='Male' or Gender ='MALE' or Gender = 'rbtMale', UserID)) but I do not get the expected results

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Re: Expressions with Conditions

What about If(Gender ='Male' or Gender ='MALE' or Gender = 'rbtMale', count UserID) ?

You may be able to use substring function, but I think you will have to use a function to change everything to lower case and look for the substring "Male" after it.

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Re: Expressions with Conditions

You could solve it by using set analysis


= count({<Gender={'Male','MALE','rbtMale'}>}UserID) 


= count({<Gender={'Female','FEMALE','rbtFemale'}>}UserID) 



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