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Failed to open file in write mode

Hi Community. I am having the next problem:

I have a load for about 350.000.000 records generating a 13 GB QVD file.

I'm storing the information as follows:

STORE * FROM Fact into [lib://QVD/Fact.qvd](QVD)

On that code I am getting random results (some times success, some times fails). Every time it fails, I've got the next error message:

Failed to open file in write mode for file F:\QVD\Fact.qvd

Error: Failed to open file in write mode for file F:\QVD\Fact.qvd

Any help will be appreciated!

Thank you in advance

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Master II
Master II

It doesn't really works when it is failing sometimes.

I hope someone else can help you with your Store but problem is it is working for you...

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi, could you please give an example or explanation of the solution?
I have exactly the same problem, the same error. Sometimes the code works and sometimes doesn't.