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Field 'ExecutingNodeName' not found

Hey all,

I'm getting this error from Reloads Monitor v7.7.0 app. I didn't configured centralized logging database, is this the main problem?

You can find log file in the attachments below.

Best regards,

Ogün Adsay.

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Re: Field 'ExecutingNodeName' not found

Hi Ogün,

have you found a solution for this issue?


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Re: Field 'ExecutingNodeName' not found

I cannot remember how I solved this issue. But you can try create a virtual proxy with windows authentication, link main proxy to newly created virtual proxy. And from data connections section in QMC, change connection strings for rest connections or qrs connections like this http://localhost/qrs/... to http://localhost/<newly created virtual proxy's prefix>/qrs/...

If this won't solve your problem, you can import new apps from C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\DefaultApps. This will create new data connections. You can try the solution I mentioned above on this data connections.

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