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$Field table with measures

I would like to create a chart in the front-end that has some summary statistics on each field and is reactive to user selections.

I know how to do $Field and $FieldNo in a table to produce a list of fields. However, I am having trouble adding measures to the table that evaluate on each field.

Does anyone know how to make something like below?

Field1<average of values in Field1><median of values in Field1><sum of values in Field1>
Field2<average of values in Field2><median of values in Field2><sum of values in Field2>
Field3<average of values in Field3><median of values in Field3><sum of values in Field3>


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Re: $Field table with measures

Could you please share your data ?

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Re: $Field table with measures

This should be able to work with any dataset. $Field is a system field.


Re: $Field table with measures