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Filter data based on measure (greater than, ...)


I have a datamodel with data per month per account. In it I have data linked to account that is on a finer level which I aggregate on account level.

I would for example do a sum(Measure1) as a masteritem "Measure1"  and then show this measure in a table per month per account.

I would like to let the end user do selections based on the measure

  • Give accounts that have Measure >1000
  • Give accounts with SUM between 500 and 100

I actually have multiple measures and would like the user to select on each measure. For example : give account that have for Measure1 more than 1000 and than do another selection on Measure2 saying less than.

I have been searching a bit on the internet & Qlik Forum and am yet to find a solution.

I was wondering what other solution there are other than those indicated below (ideally I would be able to add my measure on the filter tab ):

  • Add the aggregate on account level in the script, but this will not resolve my problem nor be dynamic.
  • Creat a dimension with the AGGR function, which become dynamic.

Thanks in advance!

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