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Filter on a created dimension

Hi everyone! I need your help to solve my problem. 

I have a table with population data, such as neighborhood, postal code, etc.. and I made a new table that is not joined to the first one and has all this "dimensions" in one unique column---> 

LOAD * Inline [
"1. Auzoa/Barrio",
"2. Unitate Txikia / Unidad Menor"
"3. Barrutia / Distrito"
"4. Atala / Sección"
"5. Posta-Kodea/Código Postal"

so that I can use it in a filter. The problem came when I made a "chart table"  where if I select for example in the filter  "1. Auzoa/Barrio" the column of the table shows me all the neighbourhoods, and I made this with:

If(GetFieldSelections(DimensionUnidad)='2. Unitate Txikia / Unidad Menor', [Unidad Menor.des_cas],
If(GetFieldSelections(DimensionUnidad)='3. Barrutia / Distrito', [3. Barrutia / Distrito],
If(GetFieldSelections(DimensionUnidad)='4. Atala / Sección', [4. Atala / Sección],
If(GetFieldSelections(DimensionUnidad)='5. Posta-Kodea/Código Postal', [5. Posta-Kodea/Código Postal],
If(GetFieldSelections(DimensionUnidad)='1. Auzoa/Barrio', [Barrios.des_cas],[Barrios.des_cas]



In other column I have calculated the population so when I select something in the filter it works properly! But the problem is when I dont select anything. It's suppose to give me the population filtered by "[Barrios.des_cas]" but it gives me the sum of the population in all the selections, that means population in  [Unidad Menor.des_cas] +population in [3. Barrutia / Distrito]+population  in [4. Atala / Sección]+...

the formula of population that I used is: count(id)  where each person has a different id. Thank you so much!



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