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Filter with measures like values. Select a measure


I would like create a filter where I could choose between several measures, with the end to show in a pivot table or chart only a measure or other.

In this moment, I have this:


In this table, to different of a dimensions, the measures (Medidas) can not be selected. So always "Pasajeros" and "Pasajeros-km" are showed.

I can't want unpivot the table. So that isn't a option.

Is posible create a table with the measures and link with actual table?

Can someone help me?

Thanks and regards.

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Filter with measures like values. Select a measure

Yes, you can add an extra table in your script with the expressions:



Label, Expression

Sum of Sales, sum(Sales)

Average Sales, avg(Sales)


After reloading you can add a filter pane in your app for the Label field. And change the measure in your pivot table with =$(=Only(Expression)) as expression and =Only(Label) as the label

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Re: Filter with measures like values. Select a measure


Thanks by your answer. But It don't work like I hope. Now when I choose one option, this is duplicate (obvious), and when I choose 2 or more, nothing.

The label isn't changed.




Is posible have the both columns (or any), and one of them hide/show when I choose a mesaure? Like when you select a opcion in a filter by dimension.

Thank you and regards.