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Filtering rows of a straight table in Qlik Sense

I have a straight table like following

ID                    ID_Delph  

EVE00188            -

EVE00189            -

EVE00190            -

EVE00191            -

INC00188      99120

INC00189      99121

INC00190      99122

INC00191      99123

What I want to do, is filter out every ID that contains EVE*, so I can only see the ones with INC*, but I tried with this aggr(only({<ID_INCEVE_RTI = {'INC*'}>},),ID_INCEVE_RTI) and this if (ID_INCEVE_RTI = 'INC*', ID_INCEVE_RTI), and both of them did filter out EVE* IDs, but I can't see INC* IDs rigth now because they show like these


ID  | ID_Delph

-     |  99120

-     |  99121

-     |  99122

-     |  99123


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