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Fit Columns to Data or Labels missing in Sense

This is really an issue when you have 5-10 columns with the content in each column (field) not exceeding 10 characters. Adding columns that are not shown is not the best for users. In fact it is unusable.

Can you look into this and see what you can do?

Adding a parameter in the Appearance section to fit columns to data (at minimum) would be good enough.


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Re: Fit Columns to Data or Labels missing in Sense

Hi Nenad,

Perhaps someone from Qlik can comment, but i think this is by design.  Qlik Sense is responsive in the way that it adapts the sizes of objects to the resolution being used.  This means that a 'fit columns to data' option would not make much sense if the resolution was quite low, for example.

Did you know a user can use the Column Chooser to decide which columns they see in the table, and in which order?  This is not a solution, but maybe helps you somehow:

Column Chooser.png



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Re: Fit Columns to Data or Labels missing in Sense

Hi Brian,

I was hoping for someone from Qlik to comment this

I know about that feature and I said it is not much useful. At least, in this case. I mean, if you need to show 10 columns you need to show them in full if the content allows for it. Of course, I understand ,if those are to wide then it's expected to see some of them, but if you have a few not so wide columns why Sense is taking so much space between the columns?

I also understand the responsive design and exactly for that I would make it more natural and gorgeous . This is especially important for using Sense from iPad where I have problems making it available and readable.

There is definitely some work needed and I am convinced why is not the column content a parameter to calculate what can be shown and what is put into the Column Chooser? I do not know what is currently used for this calculation.

Here as an example of an app that looks fine on PC but too fragmented on an iPad:Sense 2015-07-08_16-23-13.gif

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