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Fixed decimal point in the American standard


After making the load of a .QVD file in a field with decimal separator is equal to ',' to try to include this field in Qlik Sense he is considering the decimal separator in the American standard , that is, equal to '.'. The environment variables are registered for the Portuguese standard , as follows:

SET ThousandSep = ' . ' ;

SET DecimalSep = ' ' ;

SET MoneyThousandSep = ' . ' ;

SET MoneyDecimalSep = ' ' ;

How will I use this field as a Geo location to generate a point on the map ( GeoMakePoint ) , the QlikSense does not interpret correctly.

Can anyone help me ?

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Re: Fixed decimal point in the American standard

Use the num() function to give it the correct numeric format: num(MyField,'0,0',',','.') as MyField

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