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For to loop not working


I am trying to create a for loop which partially looks like this:

let vAantal1 = sum(num(Aantal));


set Counter =  0;

for Counter = 0 to $(vAantal)

The field Aantal is coming from a previous loaded table and contains the total number of records in the table. The second loop should load all the details in a loop which runs from 0 to the total number of records. But it keeps giving me the following error:

The following error occured:

for Counter = 0 to >>>>>><<<<<<

Any thoughts?

Regards, Paul

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Re: For to loop not working

I think this is the part which is a problem


You can't really use Sum/Min/Max in your variable directly... may be you can do like this


LOAD Sum(Aantal) as SumAantal

Resident ....;

LET vAantal1 = Peek('SumAantal');

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