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Forcing Qlik Sense redirect to logout without SAML?

We know that forcing a logout and a redirect is part of SAML single logout ‌(important if you are displaying sensitive information such as PHI). However, does anyone know if it is possible to essentially somehow trigger just the last portion of the paragraph from the link:

In the user logout use case, you actively log out, for example, by clicking logout. The session is destroyed and the SAML single logout request is sent to the IdP. Then the IdP deletes the IdP session for the user and sends a logout response to the service provider (Qlik Sense). Qlik Sense then redirects to the logout page.

We have an internal identity store, which makes it awkward for us try to use SAML (we certainly don't want to roll our own unless absolutely necessary). If anyone knows how to achieve just the bolded part above, please let me know.

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