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Forecasting with qliksense or vizlib line charts

Hi Folks

I have an application which is tracking disk space usage across a fleet of servers which will be used to proactively flag systems for cleanup, data migration or disk expansion as the disks fill.

The following data is collected on a daily basis


Volume (c:, d: etc)

VolumeName - i.e. the name applied to the disk in windows

disk size

free space

percent used

My app as it stands has two main representations of this data

1. Vizlib Line chart showing percentage disk space used over time

2. Table showing the most recent data for each disk, with a simple background colour expression applied to the table to highlight those disks over 80 and 90% capacity

What I'd like to do is have the line chart extend out to the future and apply a forecast, allowing me to estimate when a disk will fill based on current fill rate.

Is this something I can achieve with either a Qliksense or Vizlib line chart?



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Re: Forecasting with qliksense or vizlib line charts

Hello!  🙂

Coming soon




Giuseppe Lolli

Vizlib Customer Success Manager


Re: Forecasting with qliksense or vizlib line charts

Try this one...




Will do what you need without cost.