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Format range of values ​​in the scale

Hi everyone, I would like to understand how I can change a scale value of a chart only in a certain filter, thi : =if([field]='value of field', num(sum(Value)/sum(total Value), '#,##0%')) have you suggest? thx, Billy
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Re: Format range of values ​​in the scale

Hi Billy,

You can Get the selected filter value by GetFieldSelections function and then you can compare that with you field , 

Like if([field]=GetFieldSelection(Field), num(sum(Value)/sum(total Value), '#,##0%'))





New Contributor III

Re: Format range of values ​​in the scale

I change the value of the scale as a percentage, but it also changes it for the other measurements in the filter object =if ([field] = GetFieldSelections ('value field'), num (sum (Value), '0%'))