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Formula Syntax

=Sum({<Month_Surgery={$(=concat(chr(39) & Month & chr(39),',') )},Year_Surgery={$(=concat(chr(39) & Year & chr(39),',') )},Day=,Year=,Month=,Quarter=>}WI_EUR)/1000

Hi Guys,

i have the formula above as you can se the Month_Surgery and the Year_Surgery is defined based on the Month and Year selection.

There's a way to add also the Day_Surgery on this formula? Means that based on the Day selection , the Day_Surgery is selected?

Thank you

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Re: Formula Syntax

May be try this

=Sum({<Month_Surgery = p(Month), Year_Surgery = p(Year), Day_Surgery = p(Day), Day, Year, Month, Quarter>}WI_EUR)/1000

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Re: Formula Syntax

Do you have Day_Surgery field? if Yes, what problem you are facing if you are adding it the way you have added Month and Year? More info will help to understand the real issue.