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Full/Incremental reloading via QMC

Dear Qlik Sense community,

We want to start developing our first Qlik Sense app using the 3 tier app architecture (extract-transform-presentation).

On of the requirements is that the data needs to be incrementally refreshed on a daily basis but a full refresh needs to occur over the weekend. Ideally, both refreshes should also be able to be triggered manually from the QMC.

The only way I see this possible is to create two different QVD generator apps with different load scripts, which are triggered by different tasks in the QMC.

However, I would like to keep only one 1 QVD generator app for maintainability. Is there a way to dynamically switch between incremental/full refresh when triggering via the QMC? Or would you apply other kind of logic in the load script?

Thanks in advance

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