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GeoAnalytics drill-down data visualization


We are experiencing the following problem using GeoAnalytics within Qlik Sense.

Trying to do a drill down on a Qlik Sense GeoAnalytics map and area object, and putting a drill down dimension based on 2 fileds (State->County), the map doesn’t show what expected:

  • Using a standard Qlik Sense object (such as a pivot), by filtering on a state only counties within this state are shown in the pivot
  • The same filter on the map doesn’t work correctly: Qlik shows the Counties associated to the right State but even other counties in other states whose name is the same of the countries of the filtered state

As a solution, we decided to add a field in the data model (County & ' county, '&State&', US' AS COUNTY2).

In this way, both the table and the map shows the expected counties only.

You can find an attached qvf file that shows this problem.



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Re: GeoAnalytics drill-down data visualization

There is nothing wrong with your solution.  And, you don't need to create that field in the script,it all can be done on the front end in the properties of the layers.  See this video, after 5 min:

Qlik Sense - Getting Started with Qlik GeoAnalytics - YouTube