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Get Sheets from Qlik Sense App

Hello Qlik Community,

is there any way to get the sheets of an app without any extensions or mashups? We have to generate a hyperlink and the only information I could get so far is the app-id, the app-name and some more I found here.

Have you tried getting the sheet-objects of a app from the loadscript? Is it even possible?

Best greetings

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Re: Get Sheets from Qlik Sense App

How is this link-generation coded? And is it a must being able to read it from a load script?

You can see the sheet ID in the dev-hub under single-configurator or by the Engine API. Executing the LIST SHEETS macro =



"name": "SHEETLIST",

"method": "CreateSessionObject",

"handle": "${dochandle}",

"params": [


"qInfo": {

"qType": "SheetList"


"qAppObjectListDef": {

"qType": "sheet",

"qData": {

"title": "/qMetaDef/title",

"description": "/qMetaDef/description",

"thumbnail": "/thumbnail",

"cells": "/cells",

"rank": "/rank",

"columns": "/columns",

"rows": "/rows"







"method": "GetLayout",

"handle": "${SHEETLIST.result.qReturn.qHandle}",

"params": []