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Getting Localhost:4848/hub on another device

Hi All,

I am developing a dashboard in Qlik Sense that is going to be used on a mobile device. For testing of the app i have used the developer tools in my web browser (Chrome). this way i can show the app as if it was displaying on a mobile device. My problem with this is that some functionality is different in the browser than it would be on mobile. For a demo I would like the audience to view the app on their own phone while sense is running on my own laptop. The problem is that i can't publish the app on a server, because this is a proof of concept and the company doesn't have a qlik sense server yet. and i cant publish it on our own server because the data is business sensitive data and they don't want their data running on a third party server.

I was wandering if somebody knows how ik can access the localhost:4848/hub from my laptop on a iPhone that is connected to the same wifi? is this possible?



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Re: Getting Localhost:4848/hub on another device

Hi Jasper,

I think you are using the Desktop License, this will not allow accessing the Qlik Sense from other machine using host name or IP address.

We have also faced similar situation, as its business sensitive customer data we got a POC license with a week validity and did the demo in their servers. Instead of our server /Qlik cloud.