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Getting missing values in text box

Hi All,

I have a scenario where in I have 2 same columns(ProductKey) in 2 different source tables: say A.ProductKey coming from source table A and B.ProductKey coming from source Table B.

I want to get the mismatching values of the 2 columns in a text box so that I can pull them and show the values in the NPrinting report saying : 'xxx'are the values from Source Table B which are not Present in Source Table A.

How will I handle this  (preferably at the front end) in Qlik Sense ??



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Re: Getting missing values in text box

Hi, if there is a field that always has a value you can use it to count values in that table, ie:
Count(Distinct {<FieldTable1={"*"}>} ProductKey)
Count(Distinct {<FieldTable2={"*"}>} ProductKey)

Re: Getting missing values in text box

I want to have the values in the text, and not the count of the missing records.
I am able to get the count, but finding difficulty in getting the record values.

Re: Getting missing values in text box

Maybe with:
Concat(Distinct {<FieldTable1={"*"}>-<FieldTable2={"*"}>} ProductKey, ', ')