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Contributor III
Contributor III

Grand Total below table or highlight it

Dear community,

If I select Grand Total ('Totalen') for an dimension, I automatically get these at the top of the table.

We're switching from MS Excel to Qlik Sense for dashboards, and my supervisor want it to look the same as Excel (format)

However we want this below the table or highlighted (as second best option, if below the table isn't an option)

Is it possible to put the Grand Total below the table or highlight it?

Grand Total Qlik.PNG

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in Qlik builtin pivot table i am not aware of the possibility to change the total row location 

you can use this expression in the background of your measures  

if(Dimensionality()<> min(dimensionality()),lightgray())

it will color all total row at any level in gray in this case 

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks at first,

I'm only known with the IF-function, I haven't used the other functions in my few months of Qlik experience. How do I integrate this function  with an statement containing fields so I can integrate other fields myself in the future? Below is my expression:

=ConsumentGroep&' - '&[cgroep.Naam]   (this translates to ConsumerGroup&' - '&cgroup.Name)

Can you help me? Much thanks.