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Graphing similar data from multiple sources


I have a bit of a challenging dilemma I'd like to throw out there.

I have a report that is created weekly that generates a variety of data, one element of which I have particular interest.

A)  Each report has a specific date associated with it.

B)  Each report shows forecast data, monthly, for 24 months.

Over a 6-month timeframe (for example), I'll have had 24 reports - each showing actual 'sales' and a 24-month forecast of sales based on a trending algorithm.

What I'm looking for is a graph that shows 3 trend lines:

1)  Actual sales (historical only)

2) Current forecast (future only, obviously)

3) forecast from date  X - a line that showed the forecast as of date x (user-selected)

I have built already a forecast calendar.  I'm assuming I'd need to build one as well for ReportDate. 

(note:  this data has multiple dates, I have a calendar for each of them as well as a datebridge and canonical calendar)

From a data modeling perspective, I would suspect that each report that comes in, there would need to be a crosstable that has the following fields for each 'Product':

Product      ReportDate     ForecastMonth    ForecastSalesData

Today, from 1 report, that crosstable has 1M rows.  Obviously as time goes on, we're looking at adding 1M rows to that each week.  Assuming we maintain 2 years of data, that's >100M rows.  Do we think that would be a problem?

I'm wondering what the expressions might look like within that line graph or what else I might be missing?

Thanks in advance!