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Having trouble making REST API calls to Qlik Sense

Our ultimate goal is to send logout requests to Qlik Sense from an external application (via the QPS API). So far we have been unsuccessful in getting any requests to work.

Using Postman to test requests, even a simple GET request to https://{our host}:4243/qps/about/description, as described in the Proxy API documentation page, comes back with a "Could not get any response. There was an error connecting to https://{our host}:4243/qps/about/description". If we remove the port from the URL, we get a 500 error instead ("No rest method matches the incoming request). We tried adding to Postman the certs that were exported from our QMC, but that doesn't seem to have helped with anything, nor does using Xrfkey headers.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

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Re: Having trouble making REST API calls to Qlik Sense

I am having the same issue, were you able to resolve the issue?