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Help for function Chi2Test_p

Hi all !

I need some help to understand my problem for using the Chi2Test_p function.

I try the chart exemple given and it works fine. I don't really understand the way to calculate this but it's not really a pb.

Now I try to apply it on a specific set of data (see attachment). But Qlik Sense don't succeed to give me a result.

I simply use the function like that :


Does anybody have an idea why I've no result ?

Thanks in advance for any help !

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Re: Help for function Chi2Test_p

Anybody for a little help ?

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Re: Help for function Chi2Test_p

I think the data values make difference here. Even I don't understand this function much but I found few data cases work few not. For example, I created this sample data which shows some values.

You may like to view this video to understand further on sample data preparation -

    Interpreting the SPSS Output for a Chi Square Analysis - YouTube

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Re: Help for function Chi2Test_p

I agree with you about the data values quality.

After "cleaning" data, the function accept to calculate something.

"Cleaning" data means :

- No null or 0 values

- Respect of my couple dimensions. For each value for Dim1, I need 2 Dim2.

This condition means :


If I don't have the two lines for a Dim1 value, the calculation fails.

I don't really understand too and don't really know if the result is finally right

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