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Help required-trying to create a distribution table

Hi I have some survey data where questions are answered with a score 0-6. I am trying to create a table/grid that show the % of respondents for a given score by item:


Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 4Header 5Header 6Header 7Header 8
Item ID 15%15%20%23%17%10%10%
Item ID 23%17%23%20%10%17%10%

Any ideas where to start? Any suggestions gratefully received.

The data is stored as a filed called the ITEM ID# and consists of a series of scores between 0 and 6

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Re: Help required-trying to create a distribution table

If your table shows two fields, Item and Score, you can create a pivot table chart with these two dimensions, and a single expression

=Count(Score) / Count(TOTAL<Item> Score)

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