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Hiding a label on a KPI?

Hi all,

We need to hide labels on KPIs for the project we're working on and can't find a workaround for this. Any suggestions?



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Re: Hiding a label on a KPI?

Hi ! I ran into the same issue when I wanted to use a blank label in a KPI.

I found the following workaround that solves my issue.

In the label, type in the following blank character:


You can achieve this by holding the ALT key on your keyboard and inputing the code "2800" on your numpad.

It does not show anything in the editor but you'll see QLIK will display a blank space.

I am not saying it is a proper solution and cannot guarantee you won't run into other issues using this but it did the trick for me.

(I use Qlik Sense 3.2)

Good luck !