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Highlight stages in workflow for specific condition

Hi All,
I am working on a dashboard, seeking some expert advice.
I have 4 fields country, tasks, stages and due date. Tasks contains different generic tasks and stages has values - 'Planning','To do', 'In Progress', 'In review', 'Done'.

First requirement is to show these stages in dashboard as a workflow. Like buttons placed beside each other.
second requirement is to color these stages based on particular conditions e.g color 'Planning' stage Red if it has crossed due date for any task.
Moreover the workflow / buttons should be selectable like filter so that details for selected stage can be displayed below.

Hope I am clear with my requirement.


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Yes it's possible, please share sample data with expected output design.


Country task stages due date
US a Planning 30-Jan-19
US b In Progress 15-Jan-19
US c In review 20-Jan-19
UK a Done 20-Jan-19
UK b To Do 18-Jan-19
UK c Done 22-Jan-19

Planning To Do In Progress(Red) In Review Done

And what about design?