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How can I get a measure that has components from different dates?


I am making a KPI for lead generation. We have various stages the leads go through (3). F1=the lead is created, F2= the lead is qualified as good F3=Closed deal

I want to make a KPI for leads that were created on a period of time and closed on that same period of time.

How can I do that on Qlik Sense?

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Re: How can I get a measure that has components from different dates?

Hi Esteban,

There are many ways to achieve what you need:

  1. You can create listboxs from [Creation Date] fields ([Creation Year], [Creation Month] and [Creation Day] for example) and when the user makes her/his selections you can store minimus and maximus dates in 2 different variables and later in your KPI, with set analysis, control that the [Closed Date] is also inside the range: Sum({<[Closed Date={">=$(=vDateMin)<=$(=vDateMax)"}]>}Sales).
  2. You can create a model with a canonical calendar and all the dates converted in only one.

Maybe if you share your model we can help you easier...



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Re: How can I get a measure that has components from different dates?

My model for this app is way too simple, I think. I uploaded everything with the data import editor wizard (Gestor de datos) and everything I need lives in one table 'sf_lead'. Qlik identified the data types for every column so I didnt need to make a master calendar. Actually I think i have multiple calendars, since every date has their Q, Day, Month, Year,etc automatically.Pasted%20Image%3A%20Apr%2027%2C%202017%20-%2011%3A36%3A31am

Here are my KPIs:


Here's how I calculate it: (count({$<[rating]={'cerrado'}>}  id))/(count({$<[faseopp__c]={'F2'}>}  id))

What I want to achieve is the last 'F2/Cierres' Measure having F2 from one month and closed deal (cierre) from that month too. No closed deals from another month from the creation, just the one created on the same month.

Thanks for your help