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How can I integrate Qlik Sense with SAS through ole db connection


I would like to know how I should generate an ole db connection between qlik sense and SAS, this connection must be by the IOM method, I have searched for information about it but it only refers to ODBC connection, I do not know if I really have to install the SAS client in Qlik Sense server or just have to do some internal configuration of some service so I can connect.

Thank you for your support

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

If you are going to connect using IOM, I believe at a minimum you must install the SAS itech client

Client Installation

I'm guessing you will also need to install the SAS OLEDB provider

SAS Downloads: SAS Providers for OLE DB


Contributor II
Contributor II


Did you have any luck with this ? i am trying to use SAS OLE DB local provider to read a SAS file. I managed to create a connection and connect USING LIB CONNECT.

I cant see how to code the load statement though. I have tried:

LIB CONNECT TO 'E--more-SAS (username)';

FROM [lib://E--more-SAS (username)/file_name.sas7bdat];

but the load statement doenst know what sort of file it is.