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How can I isolate a Dimension so it does not get limited

Hope this is just some simple step or syntax I am missing here, but I am working with a 2 dimensional pivot.

The first dimension is row-level and denotes a type of widget, the second dimension is in columns across the top denoting a month.  The pivot simply shows count of widgets completed each month.

The problem is however, that when a user selects a month using the 2nd dimension, the data is limited to ONLY widgets completed within that month, where I need it to show the nulls.  Basically need the equivalent of adding {1} to a measure to ignore selections (ideally i only want it to ignore the date dimension, not other dimensions available to filter by).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: How can I isolate a Dimension so it does not get limited

This set analysis should ignore any selections on field [Date]

Count ( {< [Date] = >} [Widget] )